The World Student Christian Federation
North America Region (WSCF-NA) is happy to announce the launch of two


Student Honour/Honor Roll:

Senior Friends/Alumni and students!

Did you have someone in your life who
inspired your spiritual growth or leadership potential when you were a student?
Do you know a student who is inspiring others? Make a donation of $100 (CDN or
USD) in their hono(u)r and we will add them to the WSCF-NA Student Honour/Honor
Roll! The money raised through this campaign will go toward promoting student
ecumenical leadership through funding the North American Regional Assemblies
and the meetings of the North American Regional board. We will rotate names
during each semester, and give a prayer of thanksgiving in their name at each
North America Regional Assembly. The names for each school year will be printed
in each year’s Annual Report. Help keep the movement of student leadership
growing! Donate today!

 This semester’s Honour/Honor Roll:

Donate a Night Out:

Students! Help support the awesome
programming of the WSCF-NA without breaking your wallet! Donate money you would
spend for one night out and help keep the movement moving! The money you donate
will go directly to help other students who need access to programs and events!

For example:

-night out at the movies including snacks:
donate $20

-night out at a restaurant: donate $30-40

-night out on the town: donate $50+

Help us help others! Donate

To donate in the US:go to the WSCF US Trustees Donation page and specify WSCF-North America in the comments field while you donate.

To donate in Canada:
go to the WSCF-Canada page on and specify WSCF-North America in the comments field.

Thank you for your donation. Every donation helps us keep the movement going and growing!