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Join the Movement! Interested in finding out more about the World Student Christian Federation North America? Contact our Regional Secretary, Luciano Kovacs, at wscfna (at) gmail (dot) com. (Please see our "Contact Us" section for non-electronic modes of communication).


Check out our national member movements' websites:

Student Christian Movement (SCM) Canada: Website and Facebook

Student Christian Movement (SCM) USA:  Website and Facebook

Lutheran Student Movement: Website


Give to the Movement! The work of the WSCF-North America, as a collection of grassroots movements, is driven by the passion and dedication of all sorts of people throughout Canada and the United States. Through the interests and visions of young people we work to bring peace, justice and Christian unity into being, and to stand in solidarity with all who are oppressed. If you would like to give to support the work of the North American Region, even to make a small, one-time donation, please see our Donations page, or contact our Regional Secretary Luciano Kovacs.